By David Beilstein

NOBODY knows.

And they won’t be able to prove whether the Wizard of Oz in political parlance — New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie — sabotaged a Romney-Ryan administration. Like Peggy Noonan’s famous line on Tuesday night, when things looked worse than bad for the GOP, it appears the cake signifying a decisive Romney defeat was cooked a while ago.

If there is any satisfaction broiling over in me concerning this presidential election monsoon, it is that I wrote this back in August, confirming in my mind anyway, many of the issues surrounding the large problem that is Chris Christie.

The man was, is — a bloviating donkey.

Many watched the Republican National Convention thought Chris Christie’s speech was good — if he was the Republican nominee. He was not. Depending on how wise the RNC is going forward — I have my doubts — Gov. Christie will not be in 2016 either.

The rock star addictions of the Republican establishment and pop-conservatives tend to militate against sound judgment when it comes to candidates. Ann Coulter is a perfect example. Coulter said back in 2010 if Mitt Romney was the nominee, Republicans would lose. She got that one right (Coulter changed her mind for the 2012 presidential election). After an about-face, Coulter was the most vocal Romney supporter of this election season. Ms Coulter  loved Chris Christie too. That is, until Hurricane Sandy and the photo-ops. Footage showcasing the coffee bean coloured Barry Obama in his presidential bomber jacket trying to fit his arms around the ego-driven girth of the two-ton governor has upset an already demoralised Ms Coulter.

Romney was a good Republican candidate, running against changing tides and different needs of an electorate unable to trust a GOP whose competency on large issues was more tarnished than the incumbent’s. Conservatives and Republicans see no one worse than Obama, hence they missed an accurate view of how voters still see the Republican Party. The Republican Party was the problem more than Romney. This also tainted the ability to communicate to voters with today’s concerns, not 30 years ago. Likewise, President Obama’s political naivety has not spread like gangrene to his campaign skills and the massive get-out-the-vote machine he helped erect. This is where Obama’s talents are of presidential timber. His governing abilities are the sauce of the amateur cook.

Further still, President Obama being an animated and charismatic ‘mose’ turns all the basic reasons candidates get votes upside down — the power of common-bonds, the swagger of the hipster Commander-in-Chief, and racial symbolism.

Republicans and conservatives are blind to those kinds of angles because politically they are not substantive. But they do matter now, especially with a minority representing them.

Gov. Christie is not all that substantive either. He does have a big mouth. He says the kind of things conservatives have wanted to say to the leftist media and ruling classes for ages. But there is a serious lack of classical liberal explication in what the New Jersey governor says. When Gov. Christie is done talking there is very little that is left arguing against increased Federal power over the individual. There is little notion, the people of this republic are sovereign, and state is a creation of those interests — not vice-versa.

Ronald Reagan was the anti-Christie. His classical liberal ideas were miles deep. Reagan spoke elegantly and substantively on issues running the political gamut. And President Reagan was not a bumper-sticker airhead; a culture-warrior of noise and hot gas. Instead, Reagan used time honoured Enlightenment ideas to woo American voters from all cultural and economic classes — inflaming their classical liberal instincts, and crippling support at the top for statist creep.

I expect Gov. Christie is persona-non grata with conservative Republicans now. It would be a mistake to presume Tuesday, Nov. 6, was a bad day at black rock just for Mitt Romney. But it would be unwise to knock Chris Christie simply because he coulda cost Romney the presidency. A stretch, but its circling the ether.

The point is, there were problems with Gov. Christie before and consistent conservatives from Mark Levin to others have been quite honest in going after the man with the bowling-pin body.


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