By David Beilstein

IT can be said when men and women get together, things happen. One can imagine the tempest of sexual urge when another David, thousands of years ago, glimpsed a woman bathing under his rooftop palace.

That was the beginning.

It could be an understatement, perhaps, but given the getting together of the top intelligence officer in the nation, David H. Petraeus, and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, is in accordance with human nature. My mind goes back to some of the points Tom Wolfe has made in fictional portraits – how modern literature to engorged on its own self-importance, too often misses the great sweeping portraits of how men and women behave together within our penultimate coil.

What we have here is an immense failure of judgment. Strange, too – CIA director Petraeus had a private – not simply public – reputation for the highest sense of personal honour and respectability. But see, the veiled too often carries the day with the unveiled. However unlikely logically, what has happened here between literary scribe and one of our great generals in U.S. history, is entirely human.

There once was another David of civil magistrate happenstance. He wrote,

 They have all turned aside; together they have

become corrupt; there is none who does good,

not even one.

Quite a distressing statement. This David, a civil magistrate given to an ancient kingdom long ago, would carry his allure for the aforementioned woman bathing into the caldron of dishonesty; from lies to murder, this David finally touched ground with his knees, his face to the floor, in penitent devastation. The Psalter can never be removed from its historical-redemptive typology of the Christ to come – even still, it draws a perfect picture of human depravity.

But there is political intrigue here, as there was contextually with David of ancient tenure. The timing of this entire tawdry event raises proverbial eyebrows; here and in the gilded corridors of  power in Washington, DC. One could simply say the author of this piece was so devastated by President Obama’s reelection, said author could not help but beat the wind with his fists in reactionary bluster.


More facts are coming. Now, less media blindness toward the Sept. 11, 2012 al Qaeda attack on the Benghazi Consulate is possible. Somehow, the secrets of abaddon find refuge on the slip of air to the ears of the living. Director Petraeus was supposed to testify next week during Senate Hearings on Benghazi.

Not now, he won’t.

Benghazi stinks, people. It’s noxious vapours waft of the sewer, not the perfume vat. And the jackass behavior of the media to ignore the narrative skeleton of this story in the face of either gross incompetence or corruption at the highest level of the U.S. Government, is shameful.

In St Augustine’s timeless portrait of the revelation of history, The City Of God, the Doctor of Grace intimated society does not have to be Christian in order to be prosperous or virtuous. But it must be Just. American governance continues to migrate far away from such azure shorelines; the fidelity to the contours of natural law has been diminished to a discernible degree. Nothing good comes from that – and the absence of moral sturdiness in government will create suffering for those uninvolved. It already has. Four Americans are already dead.

Federal law enforcement officials say CIA director David Petraeus’ affair with his biographer was discovered during an unrelated investigation of the director’s emails. Those emails contained explicit references to ‘sex under a desk.’


An inferno of human depravity engulfs the Federal Beast; ever more inflammable, as days turn to weeks. Men with the weapons of war attacked and killed four Americans in Libya. The U.S. media, sodded on profligate dereliction, ignored the story even as evidence of cover-up continued bleeding out unabated. Emails leaked, timelines were established – timelines that undermined the claims of the Obama administration. The situation has clarified a disconnect in Obama administration stories. I suspect the Obama administration is lying.

Now Petraeus stands down. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the American people reelected a monstrous pack of corrupt magistrates. War and upheaval, of corruption, and sex under a desk. Oh, so human. Republican leadership does not deserve the votes of the American people unless they destroy the presidency of Barack H. Obama politically. Obama’s policies are ruinous to the nation and there is deep-rooted corruption rutting within it.

Democrats spent eight years destroying the presidency of George W. Bush. All it did, despite a setback in 2004, was usher in another two-term Democratic presidency. Republicans would do wise to seek honour – even if it costs them as a political polity. There is now too much to know to remain silent.

Our great leader, our great democratic representative, Abraham Lincoln once said,

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.”


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