From The Editorial Desk




By David Beilstein

PRESIDENT BARACK H. OBAMA has won reelection.

This means a couple things – some of them, I’m not clear on.

Some take away’s following defeat – or, according to FOX New’s apparently.

1). Mitt Romney ran a good campaign, possibly overly cautious, but a good campaign.

2) Republican defeats all over the map, suggest the GOP has no ability to communicate a classically liberal message to the electorate. America has changed – traditional values will not win over newly cemented demographic challenges. This does not mean Republicans have to become progressives – it means diverse and different communicative efforts on behalf of GOP candidates to win over voters. It also means teaching conservatism differently – in regards to the parameters of government and individual liberty.

3). President Obama should have lost tonight. He did not. Since Mitt Romney ran a campaign where he was ahead in most polls where historically sitting presidents have not recovered – that means, this was a historical election. Like when the Red Sox came back from the 3-0 playoff’s to the Yankees.

4). It also means, huge structural problems within the Republican Party. Most of those – without blaming Romney – I have written about extensively. It has to do with the communication of classical liberalism as ideology – what it is and just as importantly, what it is not.


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