Final Debate: Tonight!


By David Beilstein

REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER Mitt Romney has the opportunity to clench his argument against incumbent Barack Obama tonight. While President Obama has some foreign policy successes to finger at — the killing of Osama Bin laden, increased drone attacks on Islamic-Fascist leaders, the rest of the Obama administration’s foreign policy is littered with incompetence.

Key for Romney, is to come off — again — more likeable, and in command of facts and American vision, than the young president. Romney must continue to roll up independents and those open-minded enough to perceive the American trajectory is headed downward preciously because of Obama’s stewardship.

Libya should only be the beginning of Romney’s rapier attack. It goes deeper than that. Libya is symptomatic of far larger problems, and Romney must clearly elucidate such realities clearly and cogently.

The Obama administrations foreign policy failures are rooted in ideological error. Lastly, Romney must clarify his vision of foreign policy — one that learns from past mistakes and steps forward, reshaping, reforming, America’s role in the world. Much of this will depend on Romney clearly making the case America’s domestic health is linked to its foreign policy vibrancy.


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