Needing A Loan?


By David Beilstein

THE Obama campaign does, apparently.

Matt Drudge posted this story — indicating the Obama campaign has taken out a $15 million dollar loan from Bank of America. The loan is due on Nov. 14, after the presidential election.

I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else — but I’m aware I do not have cable so am limited in how much I can do the undercover work as it were. But I read like someone gave me a death sentence — so I should have seen this somewhere else if it was being widely reported.

Seems like it is not.

I can tell you now that if the Romney campaign was in the hunt for a $15 million dollar loan the MSM would declare the election over and the Romney campaign sunk. Obviously, they cannot do that with a sitting president.

But alas, things continue to go from bad to worse for the incumbent. It is late in the day for the president to turn things around and if the media wants any credibility at all — in the face of decreased viewership and financial sturdiness — they will get their collective asses in gear and report the news.

In a hurry.


One thought on “Needing A Loan?

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