Where The Independents Go, Boo?


By David Beilstein

OVER at National Review Online, Josh Jordan clarifies and makes pertinent President Barack Obama’s fundamental problem in the upcoming presidential election of 2012.

That problem being — there is not one national poll showing President Obama leading Republican challenger Mitt Romney among independents. In 2008, Jordan points out; Obama won independents by 8 points.So far, Mitt Romney is leading Obama by 8.3 in 2012.

This alone — a noteworthy trend before Romney’s historic first presidential debate upended the contours of the election  — should have rendered obsequious Democratic talk of an automatic Obama victory, nothing more than horse apples and blind partisan absurdity.

While one expects this from Democratic Party faithful, the total implosion of the American media is another matter altogether. There should have been a plethora of articles and features written a year ago that indicated Barack Obama would have severe difficulties being reelected. One thing is for sure, now, no matter what happens Tuesday, Nov. 6: Obama will not glissade to reelection. Larger problems persist, however. The media does not like Republicans for various reasons, hence, in their minds, Obama could not be defeated or in trouble electorally.

That is a severely bad basis by which to form political analysis. Recently, or since Obama fainted under pressure from Romney in the first debate, more and more Democrats are beginning to admit the height and weight of what appears an incoming disaster for Obama. Too many, however, like Andrew Sullivan (who said he was “elated” at the president’s second debate performance) are still too close to the fire to give an accurate reading of the heat in the room.

Andrew Sullivan is too smart a cat to be duped.  His talking points and blog writings have been punditry cack during this election. The second presidential debate was unique: Obama scored points where the electorate is not concerned. Romney, on the other hand, scored heavy and hard, connecting Obama to failed promises and economic miasma quite successfully in the second debate. In other words, Obama scored in areas people (goodness!) will not be going to the polls to vote on. They will vote on their fiscal and social welfare, and it is far worse under Obama. Romney’s success during the second debate, was to firmly connect Obama to his record, personally.

We must return. Where are Obama’s independents?

They are slipping away, is where. They are beginning to see this president as he ought to have been seen — a complete failure, unqualified, — a disaster of epic proportions.

Being black should not change that pronouncement. Barack Obama is not more special than many Americans. His life has not indicated deep reservoirs of genius or uniqueness. It has been a life of racial and ideological confusion, manipulation and coercion. And so, after the media fulguration is taken away, Barack Obama is no better than an inept civil servant.

That’s all the last four years have been.

Nothing more.


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