The Obama Presidency Is Bleeding Out


By David Beilstein

TO use surgical parlance, President Barack H. Obama appears to be bleeding out on the metaphorical operating table. If things continue, the young president will lose, and he will lose by a substantial amount.

Polls coming in — in states once secure for the president — are now turning, gyrating, in fact, against President Obama. Now Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado — and even New Jersey look to be in play for team Romney, with polls showing Romney up by a few points in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In other words, Barack Obama appears to be suffering a state-by-state electoral collapse.

Suffice to say, the Mainstream Media is in a panic, but again, they should have seen this coming. In numerous conversations, I could not understand Republican and conservative pessimism concerning the 2012 presidential election. The sense was, it seemed to me from conservatives and Republicans, was of an approaching Obama reelection. But Obama’s poll numbers since his imperial pushing through of his signature healthcare measure, his inability to confront a worsening economy, have always illuminated a vast vulnerability for the incumbent.

As I have indicated before, President Obama may be a historical figure — the first black American to rise to the presidency — but he is not above the minutia of the presidency, nor its historical, electoral realities.

If Obama loses, he will lose because of the trajectory of his presidency from the moment he was inaugurated. Rather than reduce the hardship for average Americans, Obama pursued policies aimed at special interest groups, niche concerns, and ideologically radical ideals. If Obama had pursued such recklessness in vigorous economic times, the president would have gotten away with it and been reelected by majorities akin to his 2008 electoral triumph.

But Obama did not. Thus, the failure of centralised planning has not only paralysed the nations’ economic and social vigour, but also created a stasis politically, for President Obama.

To continue with an apt metaphor, surgeons can work seeming miracles. They can fix large medical problems in their patients. They are technicians of the human body. However, they cannot fix everything — depending on the level of deterioration or damage to the human body. And they are at an even greater loss when circumstances conspire systematically against them, like a patient on the operating table haemorrhaging, despite efforts to stabilise the patient.  Every surgeon knows the extent of this emergency and it never portends good outcomes.

The last three weeks of an eventful presidential election are coming to a close. What will be of immense importance for Republicans is Mitt Romney spending large sums of cash in states once written-off.

Lastly, Mitt Romney has a chance to put Obama’s presidency into the annals of history without a second term by pivoting and dismantling the president in the third debate, Monday, Oct. 22. Romney will have to be sharper and avoid the pitfalls of the second debate to do so, but he is a capable candidate with a large grasp on current political realities.

That is one thing the Obama campaign, in its arrogance and pomp, failed miserably to foresee.


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