Romney Wins Second Presidential Debate


By David Beilstein

MAINSTREAM MEDIA pundits have declared President Barack H. Obama the victor of last night’s presidential debate — simply because he did not stumble and fall like in the first debate.

But politically, President Obama needed to do more than that.

Likewise, pundits are not average voters — for various reasons — and focus groups saw another swing toward Romney on both FoxNews and MSNBC. While CNN released a poll showing Obama edging out Romney on the debate, it confirmed something ominous to team Obama: he lost big in the three categories the upcoming election will be decided by: economy, taxes, deficits, and healthcare.

Barack Obama needed to enshroud Republican challenger Mitt Romney in radioactivity, plus, explicate in a clear, cogent manner his plan for the next four years. He failed to do so.

It is important to remember that candidates often score points against their opponents on a host of issues. The problem is, last night; President Obama scored his best shots on issues that will not matter in the scheme of the election.

In 1992, George H.W. Bush scored all kinds of shots on Gov. Bill Clinton’s personal character, draft dodging, etc. Polls indicated these attacks worked, until the general election, where the focus on the present and the future mattered to voters.

Suffice to say, Gov. Bill Clinton scored where it mattered according to the economy voters lived in.  The 1992 election was about jobs and a sagging economy and that is exactly where former president Clinton routinely won the exchanges between President Bush and himself.

Mitt Romney did exactly that last night. The only difference, Romney was able to personalize it more — riffing off of audience questions and clarifying the notion things are worse, not better, since Obama took the reigns of the presidency.

The MSM needs a competitive race. It’s a ratings game, folks. They are also, in the majority, leftist progressives. Consequently, the MSM cabal looked at last night’s debate, seeing Obama was not asleep — he was aggressive! — portending electoral factors in favour of President Obama, neither polls, political history, or the current momentum  of this election, indicate thus far.

Facts matter. And those facts help illustrate the notion an Obama loss is the common circumstance amidst an incumbent president presiding over economic and foreign policy disarray. The MSM crowd figured when it came to Barack Obama — the rules of history and political minutia did not matter. Problem is, Obama himself was elected in 2008 because of  historical and political realities.

In agreement with the MSM crowd on word choice, I will suggest the election is ‘almost’ over. But it is not almost over for Romney, but President Obama.


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