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The Coming Events



By David Beilstein

I have not had a significant amount of time to blog. Film School has been busy, hectic even, so I have had my nose in the Mac Book Pro studying and doing Sound For Film labs. Add to this, Storytelling For Film, and I have, to put it lightly, been swamped.

Needless to say, the contours of the upcoming presidential election seem to be coalescing into a discernable shape.

Mitt Romney is winning the 2012 election for president of the United States — despite an asleep-at-the-wheel media. While the few weeks following the Republican National Convention indicated a Romney deflation, the heft and weight of President Obama’s circumstances were not weighed on merit.

To be elected president during such anemic times, then, is an accomplishment few of the very best politicians are able to achieve locally, or nationally.

President Barack Obama suffered a near collapse in his first debate with Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Perception being weighty in political contests, the perception of a tongue-tied president with pertinent facts quite a distance from his mind, plunged him into an electoral tailspin. Worse, almost 60 million viewers watched a president unable to even defend a bad record.

It remains to be seen whether Barack Obama can recover. Historically speaking, it has not been done — except maybe, President Truman in 1948 against Thomas Dewey. Still, economic growth and American expansion occurred much more robustly under Truman.

So there’s that to consider.

As zaftig-like Michael Moore said, get used to the term President Romney.

The situation in Libya is tragic. It was a circumstance that should not have occurred and was preventable. It became  inevitable, then, only because of partisan political correctness on behalf of the Obama administration, and a disastrously naive  understanding toward the enmity Islamic-Fascism has to liberal democratic institutions.

We have four dead Americans on account of a foreign policy completely stripped of any historical notion of “preserving America.”  The Obama administration may have confidence that as Solomon The Wise said, “The dead know nothing” but the living do, and the scope of the debacle will come out in time. It always does, with or without the media.

What is of an immense abomination is an American press unable to be a proper check and balance on Federal Power, because culturally, politically, they share President Obama’s progressive sentimentality.

History means something. And it is because of that fact; Obama’s presidency is slowly evolving into its final conclusion — systematic breakdown — unless unforeseen events conspire to elect him. It would be atypical historically, which explains the current Democratic panic.

If God permits, there will be more to come on Crede, ut Intelligas!


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