Barry Obama = ‘Too Good To Be True’


By David Beilstein

PRESIDENT OBAMA hit the canvas last night. He rose on the count of eight and lost by technical knockout. In a feverous plume of mediocrity, the young president looked out of touch and behind on points. I have said before the election is Romney’s to lose.

I’m more convinced of that now.

This year, the zeitgeist favors the challenger. It did in 2008 during the financial doldrums and it did in 1992 during the economic miasma under former President George H.W. Bush. Both elections saw the out of power party rise to the presidency. Contrary to a media glaikit sprinting pants-less across arid land with upturned noses, they should have expected Wednesday’s outcome. Such national atmosphere creates harsh zephyrs for any president at the font of such putrefactive stewardship over the nation’s health.

Now the leftist media is steamed. But the media cannot complain. Obama’s their guy and he exudes all their niche qualifications. That is to say, Obama is a media creation — a superficial one: a black man hewn from image-over-substance clay.

Of one thing I am sure. The president met a man on stage Wednesday night that interacted with him — criticised him, and proclaimed concisely and pointedly he did not agree with Obama’s navigational plat. In consequence, Romney, however laggard his campaign has chugged along, was well educated in two higher schools of learning: Ivy League institutions (Harvard Business School) and the competitive sump of the business world.

It is hard to make a buck in the fog of business — especially now. But Mitt Romney made a couple hundred million bucks in the fulguration of the private sector. The effort to dismiss the marrow of the Republican challenger as aloof and flat-footed was unwise. Unwise squared, was the media’s constipation in assuming Romney being a Republican, he was therefore stupid.

If anything, Obama looked obtuse last night. He was not cerebral, but aloof. He seemed lost and worse, he oozed of prissiness. Someone had to know. Someone in the Obama camp knew Romney and Obama would stand on stage together in a presidential debate. It happens every presidential election and it is never surprising. Someone had to know Romney could do what he did last night.

Romney has been doing it for 25 years. He’s done it alongside intelligent men and women who have their own opinions and concerns. People who disagreed with Romney and needed to be convinced his business proposals were fiscally feasible to their wellbeing. These same men and women invested millions of dollars in Mitt Romney’s business propositions — is it rational to assume, then, any intelligibility to the Democratic machine’s caricatures of him?

Our culture, sadly, has declined. It has lost the ability to listen and discern wisely. When someone with the airless, shapeless teleological trajectory of Barack Obama is celebrated as the American prince over the accomplishments of Mitt Romney — accomplishments that benefitted and supported tens of thousands of individuals and their families — the earth has slipped its ethical orbit.

Be it said. There are, then, a plethora of reasons for this backdraft. I have written about it in previous blogs. My contention is that, despite today’s tetchiness of leftist panic over Obama’s debate performance last night, the pugilistic discourse in Denver was over before it began. Obama was crushed Wednesday night. He was heavily countered by Romney’s precision punching; he was out-slipped, and out-parried, because Obama is not big enough for the office of the presidency.

He was big enough to win it, but not to govern within it. Why?

Because Barry Obama cannot change. He is an empty suit — that’s what Romney revealed. Now Romney must capitalise. It is his election to lose. There is a vibrant breeze running against his sail. America is today, still a nation of second acts despite F. Scott Fitzgerald’s maxim. Romney-Ryan must eagerly take advantage of such lofty winds.

Obama will do better in the next debate. I think. Romney, too, will do just as good or better. But regardless of how much Obama improves he will mount his attack while pathologically damaged. That is because Obama is overly sensitive. He was eviscerated and made small by Romney. If Romney capitalises on his debate during his campaign stops and continues his scalpel-like dissection of the president’s record — he will win the presidency and be inaugurated Jan. 20, 2013.

And part of that outcome will be based solely on Barry Obama being ‘too good to be true.’


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