It’s Not Over Yet


By David Beilstein

THERE was some clamouring this week Republican Mitt Romney was finished.

‘Too many Romney gaffes, bad week, the polls in the swing states! — by the way, Obama is soaring to victory, etc.’

I don’t believe it – yet.

Much could be said about this leftist entheos for incumbent Obama — wafting of an insane amount of parti pris and expectorating out of every mainstream media orifice.

Then, this. And if this is accurate — and trustworthy people think it is: Obama is still in trouble. If it’s tight in Pennsylvania, people, this election is far from over.

If that sounds jaundiced toward my political persuasion (libertarianism) notice where Obama is campaigning the most: in the swing states, states where some polls supposedly having him cruising to victory by 14 points.

Many of these swing states have bad economies… really bad. And they have gotten worse during Obama’s tenure. The news cycle continue to contain enough bad news I cannot see the voters in these states ignoring that. Add to that, the fact no president has been reelected with Obama’s economic numbers and celebratory applause from the media President Obama has the election in the bag clarifies itself: it’s utter foolishness. 

Former Gov. Mitt Romney has a tough road ahead because of GOP incompetency in the past sucking wind out of his sail — especially on economic matters — and because of demographic changes in the electorate.

That is to say, the country is not confident Romney, being a Republican, will do any better than President Obama. That’s precisely why a Romney victory would see an electoral college pull in the low 300’s, not over 400 like Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush, Sr.

Romney’s biggest obstacle is the middle-class. He’s catching up in some of the swing states, even going ahead of Obama in terms of terrorism.

Most Americans think the country is going the wrong direction.

But strangely, the middle-class still favour Obama on the economy. Again, I think much of this is because Romney has shredded his most valuable weapon thus far: classically liberal ideology. He appears crestfallen ideology is divisive, when in fact, it would clarify the contours immensely for the middle-class to see why Obama’s policies are uniquely destructive to their fortunes.

The election, then, is too close to call. Romney appears to be coming back and Obama is campaigning in states he would not be if far ahead. The first debate is this coming week. The public reaction will illustrate whether the public is walking away from Obama – or thinks Romney is a loser. A dialogue of some sort will ensue emotionally with the voters. And we will be more clear on a great many things. Is Barack Obama fading… are his legs going, his hands dropping — his wind spent? Or, is Mitt Romney over his head against a superior fighter?

Given the status of the polls now… with Obama struggling to overcome the 46% hedge in most polls, I still think President Obama is in significant trouble. It appears hazy now, unclear — the media assuming a strange confidence.

If that’s not enough ammo for readers, go hereAmerican Thinker routinely clears the air quite a bit on numerous issues. Columnist William L. Gensert makes an elegant prediction:

If anything, the closer we get to Election Day, the more apparent it is that Obama is not only losing, but losing big.  The Obama campaign, and by “campaign” I mean members of the media and polling organisations, is trying to convince prospective Romney voters to believe that all is lost — in which case, they hope, we will stay home.”

But — as always — the polls now are an obiter dictum — unofficial and uncertain. And if I were Barack H. Obama, I would be more than concerned.


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