Of Widening Gaps, & Supply-Siders



Guess what just dropped over the wire? This did.

Showing, explicitly, the arch of the Obama mantra and policy has done the exact opposite of what the president promised through hope and change horse manure. Yes, the gap between the rich and poor has widened considerably under Barack Obama. And it always does in socialistic schemas. You can spin the numbers this way and that, but clearly, the rich have grown richer, and the poor, and middle class, have grown poorer.

Such leftist philosophical premises go against common sense. Worse, the fetid academic waters from which Obama sprang from reverberates across too much of this fruited plain — simply ignores the lessons of economic history and reality. Government spending uses up monetary resources from the private economy, therefore, it reduces capital and wealth creation for all Americans, especially those working. The rich have plenty of income streams … the object is to create more revenue streams and employment opportunity for middle class and lower middle class Americans. A government chewing up over 30% of the value created in America will produce more poverty — it will not alleviate it.

Historical fact.

The rise of individuals dependent on the Federal Government is proof of this during Obama’s botched term. Every single category of government dependency has risen higher, much higher — not lower. Government cannot produce wealth in diverse sections of the economy by paying more and more Americans not to produce; not to work. It’s common sense, which is why it’s ignored. Common sense, not being so common.

We are, in too many ways, an increasingly dumb society.

The left decries what is called “trickle-down” economics, yet believes in it when it comes to trickle-down poverty. That was the logic behind bailing out the banks and Wall Street under both former President George W. Bush and President Barack H. Obama. But Supply-Side economics works every time its tried. A little historical sightseeing might be of some use … under Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon, the roaring twenties. The roaring twenties collapsed not due to lack of regulation, or supply-side trickery, but overspending and high tariffs under statist utopian Herbert Hoover.

Yes, he was a Republican. Republican’s aren’t saints, regardless of GOP hot air. Supply-sider glory happened again under Democratic President John F. Kennedy — an explosion in wealth creation in the early 1960’s produced increasing wealth for all classes of Americans. This spoiled, not because of supply-sider magic, but because of the mammoth Federal Spending linked to The Great Society and the Vietnam War, which robbed our prosperity by the presidential voodoo of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Under President Reagan, and after the buffoonery of Federal Government drunk on spending —and heavy overregulation under President Carter’s fantastic doltishness — America underwent 25 years of economic expansion. The gap between rich and poor dissipated, with a slight dip in 90-92 due to George H.W. Bush’s abandonment of the supply-sider rails.

And so what stood in the way? Moderate Republican ideas flowing out of Keynesian assumptions and the horse manure of leftist economic theories out of touch — and off the ground — of human nature and the principals behind voluntary exchange.

See Adam Smith for details. Or, better yet, Dr. Milton Friedman. Capitalism, in other words.

The imperfection of capitalism is the only argument against it — the alternatives, historically, are far worse. We are now witnessing the consequences of statist ideas injected into the body of American life. We now behold the consequences of Obama leftist assumptions, and so, many of the rich are now richer — the poor, poorer — under an Administration voicing constant vituperation against free markets and free minds, aimed at stirring up the less fortunate.

America, however bamboozled, bought into this and now is eating its dessert with bitterness and a brute frown. It’s been chewing on excrement and seems angry, finally. But worse occurrences swirled amidst our fabulous republic … in the midst of this dialogue, the so called conservative movement cared more about what was going on in the bed room, besides eating crackers, — of family values and Christian America, — than protecting free markets and free minds in a country which established a secular government protecting individual liberty, not bible thumping fundamentalism.

This is a misuse of that great religion of Christ the Lord, and of Christian Faith — but also of a modest view of government and its duties. This is why people like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachman build, unintentionally, the chains of statism. By being as disconnected from appropriate roles of government, — just in different ways than leftists — they end up fighting against the values of individual choice and freedom, altogether.

If the conservative movement desires to be serious — it will send such moralistic, progressive petards packing. Santorum’s moralistic progressivism belonged in the Vatican, not the White House. Bachman’s moralistic populism, belongs in a Charles Finney revival, not Congress. Rick Santorum and Michele Bachman may be Republicans,  as if that’s something to brag about, given the GOP has increased Government encroachment upon individual life, not restricted or dismantled it … and within Republican rule over the Federal beast, no doubt.

If these mollycoddles — simpletons, really, are not sent packing — the result will be, must be, the election of teams of statist radicals like President Obama. And President Obama has been awful for this country. The aloof president has been a typhoon of impoverishment to America — crashing over the most vulnerable and bankrupting generations coming after our generation. And Obama is president because the American people are too often denied a distinct, alternative to progressivism within the popular ‘conservative’ movement.

There are hopeful signs the dreaded moonbat dream heralded by Barack Obama draws shallower breath. But that is not good enough. Congress needs to be put under the reigns of responsible classical liberal presumptions informing policy, too.

History should have informed the American people better. It did not. No, President Barack Obama has created more inequality, more suffering, less wealth, for the poor and middle class. And further, Obama has enriched the wealthiest amongst us by cronyism and socialistic hot gas.

Tuesday, Nov. 6, could begin to ease the foot off the gas … the cliff approaches.


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