Of Obama & Romney, And Of Conservative Future



MATT DRUDGE LINKED to this, showing President Barack Obama in the lead over former Gov. Mitt Romney. Sure, I’d rather see Romney in the lead until the super bowl Tuesday, Nov. 6, but remember, Gov. Ronaldus Maximus Reagan was still trailing President Jimmy Carter at this stage of the 1980 presidential election. Features were written well into October, animating Carter had his jab and right hand lead back — his footwork was snappy again, and Gov. Reagan, an idiot dolt, had better look out.

I know, I know, Romney isn’t Reagan, and Obama isn’t Carter. But daily tracking polls can’t track pathological and physiological — and common-sensical currents.

And Obama is more like Carter than people realise. The last three years worth of economic data and jobs reports (including a devastatingly recent one) are Carter-esque to extreme. Obama has more style, more tempo, — a better set of horn blowing lungs than Carter, sure. And that reality is why I have routinely suggested a Romney electoral pull of 300 plus points, not Reagan’s ginormous run of over 480 electoral votes against Carter.

I’m not too concerned, folks. The fundamental intangibles of this political, pugilistic contest aren’t close to over and every historical, economic data favours Mitt Romney to win the presidency. That’s the numbers and my gut. I’m no republican, but I do want Obama defeated. And I believe he will be. His modest convention bounce is like the dying patient getting out of bed, colour flowing back to his face, the week before death swallows him into the grave.

I think!

Still, demographics and geographic realities have changed since 1980. Since the sliver tinge of fundamentalism embraced much of the conservative movement in the last 35 years, the GOP loses California and New York right away — worth almost 80 electoral votes — plus other northern states, once up for grabs, but often won handedly by Republican presidential candidates. The fight for a resurgent GOP will be to get those states back within earshot. The cure: a healthy dose of Goldwater-Buckley classical conservative, libertarian juice within the mainstream conservative movement will enable the party to become a party of diversities, not a one size-fits-all cultural polarity.

That’s the challenge of the conservative movement going forward … the need to realise national politics is not about morality (where federalism comes in), rebuilding Protestant America, — or ‘Christian’ America,’ — as if human beings can build what only Christ the Lord can! If we are going there, the Holy Scriptures describe the Son of God, The Christ, building the Christian nation within His Church — a Sacred Institution, not the secular confines of geographical or national soil. In essence, America is not the Church. That’s part, mind you, part of the entire point of the New Testament Scriptures. It fulfils the Old Testament Scriptures in resounding beauty.

No, the conservative movement in America must in action and pride seek to kindle and protect Constitutional separations of power and rights along with its own cultural diversity. It must vigorously defend individual sovereignty of people and behaviours they might not agree with. This will go a long way in grasping slices of Americana that have not pulled the lever for the GOP in generations. We conservatives are rebels, not go-along-to get-along toadies like that Republican jackass Speaker of the House John Boehner with gavel in hand up in Washington, DC.

This is not to say there is not lines in the sand, as it were, conservatives do not compromise on. There are. But they are far different lines than have come into crisp focus within conservative, mainstream politics. Likewise, it means nominating republican candidates directly opposed to more entitlement spending and ambitious of a healthy dismantling — not nurturing — of the administrative state. It may be tempting to try to achieve nurturing, moralistic goals via government through the common brotherhood of the administrative state, but we dare not do it. It has simply grown the leviathan of soft tyranny in America, expressed in an ever Statist Federal Government now sucking over 30% of our nation’s ever shrinking economy.

Government must shrink through conservative political action. The Federal beast must be contained and hedges of separation of power erected. Likewise, government in general must be understood for the modest duties it was confined too by the U.S. Constitution. That is the central political thrust of all those calling themselves conservators of classical liberalism in our time. If not, we will increasingly throw around ideological terms in a vacuum — ever imprisoned in plebeian serfdom.


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