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Enjoy Yourself, Watch a Movie!



AFTER some film school class work and some reading, I should be watching some flicks … it’s a surprise. I’ll have to pick some good ones because writing about movies is more difficult. Not complaining, just fact. Since most people reading this blog — if any! — aren’t huge foreign film buffs, I will endeavour to trade on more popcorn fare. When I say popcorn, that does not mean lacking quality.

Quite the opposite.

In terms of reading, I’m breaking through Edmund Morris’ wonderful 2010 book, Colonel Roosevelt. I have been sleeping on this book for two years after receiving it for Christmas, 2010. But I’ve been limited in my time and so I’ve finally begun the plunge … so far, fantastic.  I’ve read the other two books in Morris’ trilogy … 1979’s The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and 2001’s Theodore Rex. This is a biography series at its best probably because TR was one of the greatest American characters ever to have drew breath and bled.

He became president, too. Amazing!

Concerning movies, a point can be made — it is that great movies are great movies, popular or more art-driven. The same cinematic qualities that go into making The Thin Red Line, or say Truffaut’s The 400 Blows, memorable, are inherent in great popular movies like Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of The Lost Ark.

They have different moods, different purposes, — different aesthetics,  is all.

Meanwhile, Ben Rosenbaum, that tumid Jew from Texas, has still not called me and I have received not an inch — a dash, comma, period, — of journalistic copy from the man. He’s a new father with … like I said, a brutal edge, so I dare not bother him too much.

But I’m interested in what he has to say — so, I hope you’ll join us here more often at Crede, ut intelligas. 


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