We Are All Government Now



THE DNC CONVENTION got off to a slow burn with this stone of propaganda. Social conservatives will no doubt have spasms regarding the DNC taking “god” off their party platform. This is less disconcerting, I think, anyway, if one reads the statements about religion by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Clearly, the Founding Fathers established a secular (passing era) republic with distinct separations of power — not in disregard for religion, but to protect it.

The idea the Founding Fathers set up a ‘Christian republic” is laughable. This becomes clear when one reads the Founding Fathers statements in context and more importantly when one understands Sacred Scripture in historical context. Clearly, one should understand Christianity, Biblically, — through which it becomes intimately clear Holy Scripture speaks of the only Christian Nation being the New Testament Church. Taken directly, such understanding should eliminate the emotional need by Americans to ‘baptise’ American The Beautiful in the edifice of Christianity or religion in general.

Contrary to too many American minds, therefore, the Christian nation, is, all over the world. It is not America, but the Church — an embassy of the Kingdom of God. The Church’s foundation is the risen Christ whose ‘Kingdom is not of this world,’ according to the blessed St John’s inspired record keeping.  It’s troubling to me so much of American Christianity is defined by things outside of Holy Scripture. Worse, the Christian religion is too often ripped from its historical-redemptive context — and meaning— by too many people who actually claim the Christian faith.

Needless to say, If one understands government’s jurisdiction is temporal and materially based — not Spiritual, we would have far less misunderstandings among conservative, religious voters. And, as conservatives, we would not seek government to impress upon our society opinions and rules concerning things it has no business opining or ruling on. That’s the point of Madison and Jefferson’s desire for a separation of church and state, clearly articulated in their statements, as opposed to much social conservative Christian ‘state’ bromide. For Madison and Jefferson, the first amendment, which erects a hedge of separation between church and state, was established to guard religion against the state — and vice-versa, not a destroyer of Sacred or man-made religion.

In my eyes, it’s far more troubling seeing the Democrat’s video espousing Government to be the only thing we Americans have in common. Instead of a timeless creed, we have government according to the new Democratic Party. This surely, radically, is foreign to the Founding Fathers conception of the rights of men and the dangers of government.

This new insight, or corruption of the nations creed, is a slow moving curve ball the Romney campaign should take over the left field bleachers. If the Democrat’s desire to run on the heavenliness of government, Obama’s record is a clear rebuke to such statist fantasy. Whilst Romney has critiqued Obama’s record adequately, he has not thrown the hardest and most effective punch, articulating the last four years is ample evidence the government is the problem. Governor Reagan made this case in 1980 to profound effect in light of the horrendous record of President Jimmy Carter, a record Obama now shares.

Bloated government under Obama and others, as problem and not solution, has its wages. Those wages consist of high unemployment, a violent housing collapse, severe market dislocation, — especially among the poorest Americans, — crushing debt and rising cost of food and gas have affected low income earners the most severely. The Democrat Party mantra to help the less fortunate laid at the feet of government, is, to me, hurting the people most in need of assistance.

This is by far, the biggest weakness in President Obama’s campaign. The Romney people need to see this opening and pepper the Champion, meaning President Obama, liberally.


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