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ORLANDO, Fla. — The entire point of this blog was to create what I did not see on other blogs. Obviously, this is hard to do whilst embarked in film school and being one person. I’m trying — I promise! — to be as diverse as I can be with the material I cover. But I’m one ‘mose’ amidst many and with a unique personality and specific interests. So, I can’t cover everything with the insight needed to write truly, which is the point to all good writing. In consequence, there is too much to write about to really complain — at least not that much. Our times are complex and issues linger whatever direction one might turn.

Blogs are good for observing and chronicling that circumstance, I think. You want to observe and like Old Hemingway said ‘write good straight prose about human beings’ as truly as gifts allow.

With that, the future, if God permits, looms large. I plan on adding a writer ‘cos this type of thing is hard and time consuming — plus, one cannot be so egotistical to think one voice is good for one blog. No, I need more voices so I’m calling in Ben Rosenbaum from the Texas area. Texas does not have colour in my humble opinion but Rosenbaum is radically colourful and will be sitting and writing about things I have neither the time or voice to write.

If anything, Crede, ut Intelligas, will be getting better and more diverse. More topics covered. I’m hoping to hit major appreciation features ranging from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ to ‘The Wire’ — hopefully convincing ol’ Rosenbaum to write a piece on HBO programming in general and what sets it apart from the other sailboats on the ocean.

Now, I must go. Other work needs to be done. If anybody is reading — thank you! Gotta beat!


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