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Endorsements And The Election





ORLANDO, Fla. — The pitched battle of Presidential politics is upon us. Tuesday, Nov. 6, Americans who care and ones who do not, will have the chance to decide the next President of these United States. This week, President Barack Obama, and Democratic Party faithful will descend upon Charlotte, North Carolina, seeking victory.

Given the spectacles one sees not just around our country — but the world in general, there is deep meaning in all this. I believe it was St Augustine of Hippo who said time itself is revelation from Above, and so, it will be interesting to see the ways in which time unfolds during the march into Tuesday, Nov. 6.

At Crede, ut Intelligas, the mood is optimistic. This little blog has neither the readership nor the prestige for those who do read it to make much of a political endorsement. In consequence of that reality, it seemed wise to enter the fry. Crede is familiar with all the political news and websites across the ether.

Your humble correspondent believes he could do worse than opine on the upcoming election.

Some will not like my political opinions. I pray that does not mean things need to get personal. If there is a defeat for all Americans in this election, it is the seriousness by which politics have become. My side, classical liberals, conservatives, have not done an adequate job erecting protections against the business of the state being intrusive on individual life. For that, I apologise for our error. Unfortunately, conservative politics borrowed the lance of the moral progressive crusade, arousing too many of those wearing our team uniform. In our time and power, we have wasted precious time and resources growing government for the other side.

In 2012 politics has become all encompassing in our heavy-laden times. It is here, violently, the cryptic DNA of conservative failure is apparent. But 2008 was a change, I think. Those who sought limited government and expansive individual liberty from state incursion got their ass kicked by those undergirding Barack Obama’s march to the White House. Obama is an ideological defective, course and confused. But conservatives did themselves no favors when they screamed and hollered — they marched, in fact, in the wrong direction to hoist the golden goblet above their shoulders. In hindsight we conservatives were the assistants in our own ass kicking and it appears many of us are pissed about it.

This is good.

President Obama has threaded himself to the ring. He has stepped through the ropes and is bouncing on his tiptoes. Across the ring, Mitt Romney — glazed in a warm up sweat — has removed his robe and is having Vaseline rubbed on his face. Taciturn seconds, robed themselves, rub his shoulders. Slowly, President Barack Obama seconds remove his robe and from the first row to the middle row, spectators’ eyes fall upon the coffee bean complexion of the President and notice he is not in shape.  Bloated by overconfidence and lack of gym work, the President dances on his feet, beating out purposeless punches in the air, his dim eyes glaring across at Romney.

Nobody can tell. But the President of the United States looks nervous.

Meanwhile, Romney is heavily muscled, — lean and mean — but inexperienced. He is in shape but has never fought at the heavyweight championship level of the presidency.

We are here, Cede, ut Intelligas as it were, to ‘cover’ this campaign. Most of the ‘sportswriters’ hunkered down near the ring apron have stale, conventional wisdom. If Crede can offer anything, it is the contrarian eye, the upturned nose.

The Democratic National Convention has opened. All the President’s men have assembled — his supporters, hanger-ons, assistants, and money bunglers. Michelle Obama will open and the President of the United States will close. Obama seeks a new future hiding a bleak past against a tough opponent who can knock him out. If the Democrat’s are smart, they will counter-punch and attack Romney’s record — treating the perfect haired champion of Bain Capital like he can win — because Romney can, easily.

The more Obama knows that the worse it probably is for Romney. Problem is, Obama’s ego may be past that this early in the fight. I’m not confident Obama or the Democrat’s can do this. You have to want something in order to do something. Likewise, Obama has less gas in the tank than people think. The less people know that, too, the better chance the President has.

We shall see. Your humble correspondent will be typing up an endorsement soon. This election, assuredly, is about to begin in earnest.


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