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ORLANDO, Fla. — I was disappointed with Iron Man 2.  Too much noise and pointless onscreen clutter.

With filming well underway on Iron Man 3, I’m looking forward to seeing what director Shane Black and a good cast does with the movie. Black, 50, exploded out of acting with his spec script Lethal Weapon — snatched up large satchels of cash for various high priced spec-scripts and quietly disappeared into the sunset a decade or so ago.

Now, the sun has set and Shane Black is returning to town on horseback. We need him too. After hearing Black talk about modern movies, their weaknesses mostly, I’m on the edge of confidence that Black will give us something worth seeing. I’ve been wrong before — but what the hell. I think the thing that excites me about Shane Black is he is one of few lessor known Hollywood entities that actually brims with excitement and good ideas. This guy likes storytelling. Sounds cliche, but its sourly needed in Hollywood right now. With Shane Black, his work might not always turn heads — but it’s almost always interesting.

Interesting is a large step in the right direction from the perch we reside on now, movie-wise. It’s been awhile since I saw a film that was interesting. The Dark Knight Rises was, and for me, James Bond’s return in SkyFall later this year after an unnecessary long absence, also looks … interesting.

Screenwriter (and script doctor) William Goldman wrote in his wonderful book, Adventures in The Screen Trade that nobody knows anything in Hollywood regarding what movie will do business. You would be a fool not to agree with him. The man wrote Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, All The President’s Men, and Marathon Man — within eight years of each other! So Goldman’s money when it comes to wisdom and experience in film land.  But I do know something and would feel confident to add it to Goldman’s adage — that is! — what ends up working artisticaly and financially  movie-wise, is almost always ‘interesting’ too.


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