Cinema & Movies

Movie Reflections To Come … Stay Tuned


By David Beilstein

Readers of Crede, ut intelligas might remember me writing I was storming through some of Jean-Pierre Melville’s films. I covered 1970’s Le Cercle Rouge and promised to hit Melville’s earlier classic, Le Samorurai when able.

It’s coming.

The political landscape has been too fertile a place for me to garden to resist pulling weeds — so I guess you could say I got sidetracked. It happens.

About Melville’s 1967 Le Samorurai. This is a gorgeous film. It peek-a-boo’s around several crime movie motifs of our day — it just does it much better and with a master director calling the shots, literally.

In the future, God Willing, I’ll be hitting some American material. Popcorn stuff. I mentioned several movies in the list but I’m throwing up a jib to tack in a different direction. After I’m done with Mr Melville, I plan on sifting through the cinematic beauty which is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. 

It ought to be fun — hope you will join me!


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