Halperin Throws in The Towel


By David Beilstein

Over at National Review, Jim Geraghty writes about Time’s Mark Halperin throwing in the towel on the Obama campaign. Geraghty makes solid points, still more evidence the Obama Administration is in serious trouble electorally. Questions remain how much facts on the economic ground unreported by the mainstream media will buoy the President’s reelection chances.

Since economic matters weigh heavily—the heaviest!— on voters intentions during this election, Geraghty knocks the cover off the ball when he says,

“I continue to marvel that we have a presidential campaign unfolding in which one candidate is openly trying to keep the “conversation” away from the topic that is far and away the most important priority to most voters. Pick your pollster: Pew Research, ABC News/Washington Post, Reuters/Ipsos, Bloomberg, CBS News/New York Times — every last one of them says the top issue on voters’ minds is the economy and jobs.”

Geraghty might be surprised by this bit of admitted “loss” by Halperin. I’m not. The media continues to make little sense because of their slavish corruption not only to being political lap dogs to President Obama, but also their appetite for stale, conventional wisdom.

Benjamin Disraeli once uttered, “Never complain and never explain.” If I’m getting that right I see it playing out like this for the media: the media has a failed, inept President in their corner. It’s too late in the fight to change tactics. The mainstream media failed to protect the country from President Obama’s incompetence. That Obama was not prepared to be President is clearly evident. Likewise, the media failed to investigate who Barack Obama was because their hatred for Bush, deserved or not, blinded them.

If Obama continues to lose his footwork and lunge and miss, we will see more of these towels being thrown in. Until then, the media is not going to admit such a stumble-and-fall into sludge faux pas, so easily.



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