Romney Succeeds … Now Comes War


By David Beilstein

REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE Mitt Romney delivered a solid speech to Republican Party hopefuls tonight in Tampa, Florida. Depending on polls it will probably go over well with independent voters. I should think the Romney campaign can expect a convention bounce and the question arises, now, if they will be able to maintain it.

Given the precarious position of President Obama’s current standing—from even or slightly behind in most polls—there is reason to think Romney drew blood this week. We shall see.

Romney appeared to get the job done improving quite a bit in areas he’s been shoddy before. Especially his delivery. Even people who voted for Obama’s energised appeal in 2008 could find empathy with Romney’s general themes. You cannot be human and not resonate with much of what he said, which was his job.  Where Romney has come off stolid and manipulated in times past, Thursday night’s speech saw the former Massachusetts governor exuding humanity and being Presidential.

In terms of policy, there is time. The question surrounding Romney tonight—which previous RNC speeches did a good job dispelling—was whether Romney took breath and bled. Was he a board room automaton who slavishly saw people as numbers and figures? Or profits and losses?

Romney went a long away in dispelling those questions in the convention hall tonight. Of course, Democrat Party faithful will not change their minds but that never matters. In 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama didn’t change stalwart conservative voters’ minds either, but gained the Presidency of the United States. Same rules apply to the Republicans if we’re being consistent.

Majorities win the presidency, not special interest groups. If Obama loses, this guiding lantern shinning on his style of governing will be the parturition of his defeat.

President Barack H. Obama is in a tough fight unprepared because of inimical economic factors.  The voice who  denies such metaphysical ingredients is not being intellectually honest.

They are being partisan.

The rules would be no different if Obama was a Republican President. Things appear unwell fiscally in America for average people and voters only give their leaders so much time to correct course before delivering electoral pink slips. No matter what President Obama says, Mitt Romney can point to the economic landscape because it is unacceptable to a majority of Americans according to polls. Obama can dance—can do the James Brown!—but he cannot change economic realities overnight.

Significant improvement in economic circumstances despite sustained troubling horizons can be overcome. President Reagan achieved this in 1984 against Democrat Presidential candidate Walter Mondale.  But President Obama cannot point to any significant slice of the American populous and claim their lot is better specifically because of his policies.

Even Michael Moore said people should get used to the term “President Romney.”  His reasoning was flawed but that’s not the point. He’s a faithful leftist. Moore knows when things are upside down and turned inside out. He did not feel the same way about John McCain in 2008.



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