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The Wizardry Of Governor Christie



REPUBLICAN New Jersey Governor Chris Christie huffed and puffed but failed to blow down the rickety chalet of President Obama’s record last night, during his primetime speech to the Republican National Convention faithful.

Christie stopped his harangue after he finished talking about himself. But he forgot Romney, the cat running for the presidency of Christie’s own party. Worse, there was a sizeable odor left once the New Jersey Governor left the stage. He tried to dance and swing,—even attempt bebop, but the big man in the biggest suit in the house (probably) came away sucking wind with a considerable split down the back of his trousers.

As Keynote Speaker, Governor Christie’s job was to shine a flashlight on the cracks and erosion of America’s fiscal pillars—erosion advanced by Obama policies of ruination—and point to Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as the ‘do-right-man’ able to repair that corrosion under cost.

Christie missed that part.

Perception can become reality. That perception seems to be that First Lady hopeful Anne Romney’s speech landed with praise on a feverish RNC crowd and could add a few points to her husband’s national polls. Christie didn’t ruin that seasoned chess move either. Dressed elegantly in red, Anne Romney appeared to skate and leap into the air—landing almost perfectly. 9.5.

Metaphors aside, the diverse vista of the conservative orbit is multifaceted. There are signs of problems and balmy signs of life and Goldwater entheos. The statist progression of Obama policies has forged a more earnest  conservative response. And purpose.  We are hearing more about free minds and free peoples. More muscular constitutionally refined polemics from numerous conservative circles. Likewise, the oppressive heat of tinhorn moralistic platitudes offered up by Pope Santorum are less attractive now for many conservative voters.

That’s the good news. The bad news: President Obama’s Alexander The Great like siege of wind and fire through the American political frontier has created in conservatives a palaver of cult-of-personality  hunger and brute noise over substance.

Traveling through conservative time now … Barry Goldwater’s test was based on a question of whether his constituents had more individual freedom and autonomy because of his service rather than the sound and fury of government programs.

That’s a healthy mark of a strident conservative holding office.

Christie has bravado.  Ok. Christie is better than New Jersey’s last five governors. Ok squared. Even if true, that does not—and should not—be the grist conservative celebrity is made of if celebrity is even a responsible strip of land conservators of classical liberalism should seek to occupy.

Christie is too much hot air squeezed into the physique of a bowling pin for good sense. He is the Wizard of Oz risen high and mighty over the grandeur of conservative pop-culture — unable, unclear — in using his hefty ass to explicate the restructuring of government along modest parameters.

Suffice to say, last night’s RNC Convention speech for the New Jersey Governor was the beginning of the proverbial curtain being pulled back on Christie’s wizardry and his gaseous act. Once the curtain drew back, it seemed to reveal (in this case) not an elderly good-hearted man misled by good intentions but an egotist of diminutive political acumen. Christie’s defense seems to rest solely on his ability to yell and scream at jaundiced leftist media types no more refined than him. Worse. Conservative groupies stir Christie’s strip-tease performances of blunt and bluster creating a typhoon of purposeless uproar.

Conservatives are not groupies. We are eternal rebels as British writer G.K. Chesterton opined. We dare not follow the man in front of us into a sunless crevasse just because we both agree our boss back at the office has destroyed the break room.

Tonight the Convention speeds forward. I’ll be ear to the street attentive. I would presume Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan does equally good or better than Anne Romney did last night. He communicates well.

What happened with Governor Christie does not change the dynamics of this election.

President Obama verges on getting behind and staying behind …  Governor Christie did not inflate himself large enough last night to obscure that present reality. If Obama and his campaign do not correct course—if changes in tack or providential winds do not blow across the Chief Executive’s flagging sail, Barack H. Obama’s presidency is not long for this world.


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